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Any MPs present?
Yeah I started a new thread Yoss, fuck off. <3

I need input from an MP and will also be heading to the PMO office to get answers should those here be too vague.

Hopefully by July I'll have my CCL. In a week or two I'll be picking up my first pistol.

The issue is that I live on base as a civilian so I'm curious as to what I can do or need to do in regards to this. I'll be having it transferred to the gun store in the PX so any paperwork needed there will be handled there.

I know I can have it on base but what's the best way to handle carrying once the license comes in? Like, if I'm going to carry off base, what's the best way to transport it off base and not risk getting my shit pushed in by the MPs in the rare case that I'm stopped/my car is searched? What's the best way to handle coming back on base if I've been carrying?

All input (except for Yawssisms) is welcome.
Just a dumb grunt.
Unless USMC bases are different, register gun(s) on base, have safe for storage at home, must be stored Condition 4. If carrying out in town, transport Condition 4 and not on your person off base and load/holster once past gates.

These are the basic rules for any base. Basically, don't think of a firearm as protection on base, it's a tool you store and take out for target practice/hunting.

I know I work on a Naval base, but this is a generally good rule to follow, if you register your guns and they are less stringent, then congrats, or if someone has been carrying for years and not been caught; cool.

Tl; dr transport off base in case, condition 4. Transport back on base same way. Its a pain in the ass, but you can't be armed/transport a loaded weapon on base in any fashion.

Also, if things work like my previous base with on base personnel; you will get a receipt for what you have registered. Just keep it on you and tell them you have it and where you're going, just make sure its a straight trip there, like you can't be headed home but gotta stop at the PX first sorta thing.
You'll have to speak up, I'm not wearing any pants.

F18WrenchMonkey: NSF is grand master champion at being apathetic
Sounds reasonable enough.

I'll have to double check with CP's office to see if they have a safe requirement because I definitely don't have one of those, nor am I looking to purchase one just for a pistol when I can put it in its box (with a cable lock through the slide) and lay it on the top shelf of my closet where my shotgun has sat untouched for the last 2 years. I should probably clean/lube that thing.

Thanks NSF!
Just a dumb grunt.
And most places won't know if you don't have a safe unless they have a reason to be un your home. So, don't beat your wife or get suicidal and you should be fine, even then they care more that the weapins are registered.
You'll have to speak up, I'm not wearing any pants.

F18WrenchMonkey: NSF is grand master champion at being apathetic
Was an MP in Quantico.

what NSFgirl said sounds like what I remember.  Except that I think possibly it could be loaded in your house. 

Honestly your best bet is to check with the PMO of your base because things are different everywhere, especially depending on state/local laws.

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