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New Forum!
Hey everyone! Sorry for the craziness over the last week or so. As a result of the hosting insanity, I've decided to move the forum and site over to a new hosting system. As well, I installed an entirely new forum!

This new forum is powered by MyBB, which is a pretty great software similar to SMF, only more powerful and stable.

New features and such should be added to the forum in the coming weeks, but here's some things you need to know:
  • Your account got transferred over, but basically nothing else did. Sorry, you'll have to re-input your profile info and add a new avatar.
  • Ranks are reset.
  • No bawks at the moment, I will look into solutions shortly.
  • The URL has changed for the time being to "" That may be important depending on how you have your stuff set up.
If your forum signature is broken, please go into your User CP and simply re-add the image using the new forum's editor. That should fix it.
I've added "Reputation" to the forum, which is basically the same as Karma from the old forum. To add reputation, click on a user's profile and click add rep, then add a comment on why.

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