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VA Claim Process
(04-12-2015, 06:34 PM)Justajoe Wrote: I'm not VBA (claims), but VHA (treatment).  I might be able to answer some of the other questions about stuff like how long to wait, Choice, copays, etc.

To my peers:

Also: consider your local Vets Center.  Its like "VA light" they can see VA records, but VA can't see theirs (completely different EMRs).  Mine has very few non-combat vet employees (those who are have literally worked VA since 'Nam).  No bullshit, copays, and will usually see you the same day.  They will even have "interpretation sessions" where someone just back will want to talk but keep having to get interrupted explaining Jargon.  They will have Social Workers in the meeting let the vet talk they way they did down range without having to stop, then the SW will explain what was actually said.  So you can say (completely hypothetically) "I was taking a convoy down Michigan out of Ramadi headed to Bahria and we took a contact, the Sheriff's net had to call QRF for a SIGACT w/ TIC." They also have Combat Vet's groups where we can get away from day to day stuff over a bit of food and just talk to others like us.

I will suggest this to anyone.  NEVER hesitate to call the Vets Crisis Line they are a godsend and really, really care.  You can watch the HBO documentry or take my word that on it there is a guy who called to say he "had 4-5 deployments and was in his early 20s" they spent 5 hours tracking down the cell number, verifying it was possible (Navy deployments), finding he was at Pearl, calling Pearl MPs and convincing them to do a wellness check.  I have seen numerous Crisis Notes 2+ hours and they don't hang up till they are sacrificed the Vet is safe.  They save lives.
The vet crisis line is fucking bullshit and if I could find the person who was running it circa August 2013 it I would murder them in front of their family.

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I have a friend whose fiance is a Marine who is about to EAS shortly. We're talking less than a month or so. While he was in, he sustained a head injury from being hit in the head with a wrench that had slipped free while working on some sort of vehicle.

She says that he has not quite been himself since the injury. He has suffered from some sort of memory loss, I think short-term. She is going to get more details to me, but the gist of it is that he recently inquired about disability for the injury. But apparently, he had not gotten done an MRI in time or something like that. The Marines are telling him that he would need to get such and so (MRI, I believe) done before EAS, but that it's too close to his EAS for THEM to do it.What I am asking is, what steps should he take to ensure that the government will assist him with what appears to be an injury with permanent side effects that he sustained while in the service? I told her that if he is suffering things like memory loss from this injury, that he shouldn't just EAS without getting everything done for it that he can.

I will have more details when she gets back to me. but the basic question of what can he do is where we could start.
I'm pretty certain that if he is willing his EAS can be pushed back due to medical reasons.
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(05-06-2016, 02:33 PM)NSFgirl Wrote: You're a terrible person, wongtastic.
Ugh, she just said that he has started checking out already. I'm thinking this guy is already too deep to be able to do anything.

I think I want to ask why he didn't get this taken care of sooner.
Had my C&P exam back in October. In the meantime, I found out tricare did not purchase my sleep apnea machine and were renting it instead, even though they told me it was purchased. The doctor even said they purchased it instead of renting it. So the medical appliance people took my machine away in lieu of me spending 1200 bucks to own it. My VA claim is still pending, anything I can do to get a new machine quickly?

(I have central apnea, the nervous system kind, not the obesity kind (obstructive))
Just finished my process post separation. Start to finish took 8 months. Once my final comp and pen exam was completed I had money in my account in 3 weeks. Overall pleased with my VA.
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My claim came back with everything, a few things obviously in my med record were listed as not service connected. I got rated for my back at 0%, with a mountain of paperwork so I am likely going to appeal that. Also, my shoulder got deferred, not sure whats up with that. Start to finish (sorta) took almost 6 months. C&P was two months after I submitted the initial package.
Just finished everything in total took 7 months from start to finish. I HIGHLY recommend going to medical for any little thing that is wrong with you. After 8 years active duty I am content with my current rating -- going to appeal on certain issues but all in all it is a long process. Just have to stick with it. One thing to note -- when you EAS -- you have 1 year to submit your claim to the VA or you will not be back paid from the time you left the service. For example, say you get out and it takes 14 months for you to finish everything to get a rating. Whatever that rating is, the monthly compensation amount will be back paid for the entire 14 months. If you submit your claim after the 1 year mark -- that shit starts whenever you get approved.
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