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In Memoriam
My grandfather died tonight. He was my greatest hero and inspiration. He was a WWII Marine with 2/2 Weapons. He served in the Air Force for the rest of his military career after Korea kicked off in 1950. He got out during Vietnam. More than all that, he was my favorite person on this earth. His constant wit and humor, his gentleness and his toughness, it all made him a great man. In the end, he went with loved ones around him and that's the best way to go.
Milford Phillips was at Guadalcanal 9Aug1942 to 9Feb1943, and on Bougainville 11Nov1943 to 10Dec1943. Honorable Discharge at 2nd CasCo. MB, NAD, New Orleans, La. on 15Jun1945.

Knew Milford for almost 25 years. He was a master crafstman that taught me how to fix tractors, weld different metals, blow and wire neon sign tubes, frame a house, and how to fish in middle of the Colorado river ('fast' fishing). We did stuff together, but never talked much, and never felt the need to talk much.

Took him to live with remaining relatives during early 2011 in Texas. He played a hand-built flute and a recorder much of the way back. Knew little chance that we would see another again - but ignored the feeling, shook his hand, and drove away.

Milford died last Saturday - guessing that he was about 91. After school is out, will take nephew to our favorite fishing spot. I will miss Milford Phillips. He was a Marine veteran, and a good person.
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Matthew Tyler. Sgt USMC

I just found out that a good friend, and awesome Marine killed himself Monday morning. I met him when we fist got to Oki in JRC and we were in the same forst unit together. That summer we went out tubing on some random guys boat out of Kadena Marina and I met my wife. He was always down to go scuba dive or just hang out. He was an awesome guy, and a great friend.
Yossarian [29|Sep 07:53 AM]: oh god. imagine a mustang seabee chaplain?!
Maxwell, Robert Sgt, USMC

My papa. We knew it was coming, but it still blows. He was always tough as nails. He's the baddest man I know and I'm seriously going to miss him.
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LCpl. John J. Malone
2/3 KIA 24 September 2009
Semper Fi Brother
Lost a good one yesterday to cancer. Her name was Opal and was not a Military type but was my wife's best friend when I was in. This lady was the calm at the eye of any storm and could make you relax from a rage with just her voice. She defeated breast cancer several years ago only to lose to brain cancer yesterday after a short battle.
My X is completely devastated of course as they grew up together and were life long best friends and oddly enough didn't choose sides when the X and I split. She was there for us both during that time and at the time of the loss of out first child. She is deeply missed.

Rest in Peace old friend.

I apologize if this doesn't belong here but I had to do it.
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Rough couple of days, lots of anniversaries this time of the year.

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Found out yesterday that my J-Hat killed himself. I only ever knew him as a recruit way back but everyone that knew him in the fleet spoke the highest of him.

Rest in Peace Staff Sergeant Brent Bishop. Semper Fi.
Cpl Corey Warford USMC 12/16/1990-10/23/2016


Rest easy killer your watch is over...
Just found out a fellow Marine in my platoon was found dead today from an overdose. No specifics yet, but I should know tomorrow.
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