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Ask a cop.
Would things be better with a 1970's Minnesota approach?

[Image: 8AOXfI5.jpg]

Thoughts? Seems to me even with body-cams, even where you work, interactions with the po-po can still get completely fucked crazy... 
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He's an asshole.
How much disability/life insurance do you have?

Have you felt the need to increase/decrease this as time passes by?

For those of you that have been undercover, what's the coolest thing you have been able to do while doing so?

What is the current status of the prostitution situation in your AO?

Minus getting charges dropped or reduced, what is the lowest sentence you have seen for shooting at a law enforcement officer in your area?
[Image: CV4ycq8.png]

Were any of you fine gentlemen in blue interviewed for this story?
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