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VA home loan question
VA appraisals are a pain as stated. The gal that did ours took forever to get it done. We had to file a closing extension with the sellers. Everyone else was waiting on them, we were pre-approved, have excellent credit, good income, and found a pretty new house that needed like $60.00 worth of nit picky crap done to it.

On the plus side, once she finally got done she stated that it passed appraisal for the loan amount, and estimated that we were already in equity on it at our purchase price. Our mortgage broker was really impressed by that for some reason, I guess it is rare for the appraiser to state that the buyer will be in equity. He said typically a VA appraiser will only state that the value is at least equal to purchase price or within their acceptable range.
Got ours done last Wednesday...Met at the mortgage co., signed the papers...only to find out we couldn't get the keys until later that day. That got resolved, the staging company left the furniture in the house. Fine, moving company fugged up, got it a day later on New Years Eve. They showed up late, had attitude, but hustled without getting shitty. Got to the house, again hustled and were given a $$ tip for the work.
My son is home, the other grandparents are here and for all intents and purposes, I'm chilling and do things at my leisure today/little as possible.
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I moved into a house that had 2 functional bathrooms and a functional kitchen... big difference between functional and first world standards. Gutted the downstairs bathroom and kitchen the first 3 months in the house. Fortunately I was only working part-time. That said 6AM to midnight everyday for 4 months. My father in law has a house on the water an hour away. Did not go once that summer. Now we are at the work at my leisure stage.


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