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New Forums
The on-topic forums (you see them if you're a registered user) have now been renamed and reimagined!

These more broad categories will allow for more diverse threads within the forums.
  • Chow Hall TV--Current events! Talk about anything currently on the news--also a place for your terrible rants.
  • The Infantry Barracks--This is a space for grunts to gather and talk about grunt shit. You don't have to be infantry to post here, but it doesn't hurt.
  • The Terminal Lance Forum--This forum is for anything directly relating to the comic strip itself. Comic ideas, favorite comics, etc!
  • The Cafe--The Artist Recruit, Book Cafe, Photography and Music forums all merged into one place! Talk about your favorite band, artist, photographer, song, whatever.
  • The Entertainment Center--Talk about your favorite movies and TV shows here!
  • The Tech Store--Love computers? Video games? Of course you do. Any and all discussion relating to those things belongs here.
  • The Lodge--Love guns? Sports? Fitness? Sit down and order a drink, bullshit about any of that stuff here.

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